Wednesday, May 27, 2009

After School Class

This is a picture from my after-school quilting class. I have students, siblings, parents and grandparents coming to learn to quilt.

This is becoming an annual class. We make a couple of quilts to donate to the local VA hospital, and then the students make something for themselves.

Most days we have fifteen quilters and seven computer users. The computer users are siblings that hang around until their quilting sibs are done.

We are using donated and loaned machines. The newest machine is a Janome Jem that I bought a few years ago. The oldest is my featherweight (1937). If anyone out there in cyberland ever wants to donate a working machine let me know.

Monday, May 25, 2009

These are a couple of projects I'm thinking about doing next. The one on the left is from a fabric manufacturer's website, but the pattern was unavailable. The one on the right is dutchman's puzzle. They would both be scrap quilts. I can't decide which to do next.

Oh my!

What am I doing starting something new? I've never been a diary keeper. I don't usually journal. Yet here I am with a blog. I'm hoping that I'll use this to work through some of the design questions I have with quilting. We'll see, we'll see.