Wednesday, February 15, 2012


My daughter and I went to JoAnn Fabrics to get some border fabric for this quilt.

While we were there Bubba found the superhero flannel fabric. Bubba is very into superheroes. DD and I were looking at the flannels, but Bubba wandered over and found the superhero fleece fabrics.

A decision was made to make him a no-sew tied fleece blanket. He selected Superman and Batman fleece. He carried the Batman bolt to the cutting counter. On the way over this conversation occurred.

Bubba, "Mommy. "
DD, "Yes.
Bubba, "Pet it, Mommy. It's soft"

He watched carefully as the clerk cut his blanket fabric.

I worked quickly once we got back to the house, and had the blanket done by the time he was finished with baseball practice. It was a success. He cuddled with it when he went to bed.

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Friday, February 10, 2012

Come September

I'm still getting my baby cuddles, but I took a short break to meet up with some friends and visit a local quilt show. I was pleasantly surprised to find "Come September" hanging in one of the rows.

My customer created this to commemorate her 50th wedding anniversary. She collected fabrics for two years. Each of the fabrics used in the quilt has metallic gold accents. The wedding rings in the center are gold lame (I would have put the accent mark in, if  I knew how to do that). It took me in the neighborhood of 50 hours to quilt.

It was so rewarding to see people pouring over the quilt.

The quilt garnered four ribbons. First Place in Mixed Techniques, Large Quilt. Past Presidents Ribbon, Judges Choice, and one other. This other one has both my customer and myself quite confused. It is a First Place for Computer Assisted Custom Quilting. The confusion comes from the fact that none of the quilting is computer assisted. I don't have a computer on my longarm.

All we can figure is that the judges moved it into that category. On the entry forms there is a statement that judges may move quilts to a category that they feel is more appropriate for the quilt.

Unfortunately, the judges are not around for us to ask. Quite perplexing.

Sunday, February 5, 2012


Our newest grandson. He was born at 12:36 A.M. on February 4th. Isn't he wonderful!

Mommy and baby are now at home and getting some rest. Big Sister Spicy and Big Brother Bubba are thrilled with their new baby brother.

I'm going to be able to stay and help out for a week or two. Which means you'll probably be seeing more about babies and less about quilting for a bit.