Sunday, June 24, 2012

Brew Day

Today, Motorcycle Dude is brewing 5 gallons of ale.

His brew sculpture is pretty dang fancy. Digital controls, and everything.

It's got huge burners to heat the brew. The sculpture has the capacity to brew 10 gallons at a time.

We're hoping that it will be ready to take on vacation in July. It might be a little young, but it should be drinkable.

So what am I doing while he's brewing?

I've been spinning!


  1. Spinning? That's one strange-looking contraption. Actually, that's TWO strange-looking contraptions if you could the brewery. :-)

  2. cool brew set up! never saw one before.
    didn't know you spun either-it's a learning day for me!!

  3. That "sculpture" looks as though it could also send a hot air balloon up on a flight!