Sunday, September 16, 2012

Ta Da!

From this

To this, in four steps.

My inspiration (Pinspiration?) came from a pin on Pinterest. I don't know that these are even on a board, but I knew that I wanted to put mine on the wall in my new quilting room. I also knew that I wanted to use my old wooden spools, and not the newer plastic ones.

Mine turned out a little fat and squat for my taste, but I'm not making another one. I'll live with it.

The steps:

First, make a paper heart.
Second, trace it onto your base. Mine is thin plywood, but if you make yours smaller it could be on foam core board. I don't think foam core could have supported the weight of all the spools that I used without warping.

Third, cut out your heart.  My Dear Motorcycle Dude did this step for me. It is his jig saw after all.
Fourth, I don't have in progress pictures of this step. Sorry. Glue the spools onto your backing. I used Gorilla glue, because that was on hand. Any wood glue should work.
I guess there is a fifth step. Put hangers on the back of the board. Mine is not hanging on a wall, because it's for the new house. We are supposed to close escrow late next week. I'm so excited I can hardly stand it!


  1. that will be great in the new house! I luv pinterest

  2. I really like the shape you ended up with! It's a nice hefty heart. And congrats on being back in escrow, I feel your pain. We're still waiting to hear from the seller's bank whether they will finance or not, and closing is next Friday! We're on pins and needles