Saturday, June 18, 2011

My Quilts

I've taken some time in the last month to quilt a couple of my own quilts. I know I was being selfish. I should have been working on customer quilts, but I really wanted to finish "Mashed Potatoes" for the Thumb Butte Quilt Guild's show.

Here is "Mashed Potatoes" before quilting.

Here it is after quilting and washing. It was necessary to wash it before the show. I tried using blue pounce powder to mark the stencils in the solid background squares.

Well, blue pounce powder doesn't just brush off. So, it had to be washed off. It washed out just fine, and now I know it will have to be washed out. In other words, don't use it on customer quilts. I've been told it can be mixed with the white pounce powder and it will eliminate the need to wash. Unfortunately, I've already filled my pounce pad with straight blue.

I did work on four customer quilts between "Mashed Potatoes" and my next quilt. I delivered five quilts while visiting California. I picked up twelve, with another to be shipped. Then I picked up three more last week. For a net gain of ten quilts! Busy? Yes, but I still stubbornly wanted to squeeze in one of my own before jumping in on customer quilts.

I got the borders on the tessellating quilt, and got it loaded yesterday. Yesterday was errand day, so not much quilting got done. I did get it finished today though.

I quilted it with a variation of Nichole Web's Fantasy Freehand. Kind of a everything but the kitchen sink meander. I just quilted whatever motif I felt like quilting or would fit the space. Very fun, very relaxing to quilt.

I don't have a name for this one. I'll have to check with Spicy. I think it's her turn to name a quilt.

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