Saturday, July 23, 2011

Stash Reduction Sale

I sorted, bagged and priced. I advertised it, talked about it, and emailed about it. I rose early and set up.

I planned for the heat by providing ice water for shoppers.

However, I couldn't get people to come. In the end only about ten people came to shop. I had planned on selling until 2:00 this afternoon, but I closed up shop early. I saw no shoppers after about 11:00.

Those who came did buy things. Unfortunately, I still have boxes and boxes of fabric, spinning fibers, yarn and magazines. The poor results are due to my poor timing. Two guilds had their own sales the week before my own. Well, that the heat and the projected rain storm. I will probably check out ebay for some of the things. The rest will be donated to...well I'm not exactly sure where. I'll have to work on that bit.


  1. such a shame! If I lived close by, I'm sure I would have stopped and made a big purchase! LOL Not that I need it, but I would have helped out. :)
    Beth in Dallas

  2. I'd have been there for sure, but the flight was too expensive. I'm sorry the customers didn't turn up. I wonder if it's worth having another go in late September, early October when the holiday season is over?