Thursday, August 11, 2011


 A couple of weeks ago my friend, Pam, came to visit. We made a fabulous trade. I quilted for her. I quilted this quilt, called Amazon. The pattern is in a great book by Maaike Bakker, Strip-Pieced Quilts.

I stitched swirls and dragonflies in the body of the quilt. The dragonflies are from a stencil by Full Line Stencils. I also quilted two wall hangings and three small charity quilts. In return, my dear friend cleaned and redecorated my kitchen.

Since moving in, I had not taken the time to beautify the tops of the kitchen cabinets. It was fun to watch her scrounge around in all my cupboards finding things to use.

I was amazed that she was able to find these things among my cupboards.

Absolutely amazing!

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  1. What a brilliant trade. Hmm, do I know anyone who'd like to clean my oven in exchange for some quilting ...