Saturday, March 24, 2012

Opportunity Quilt

This is the opportunity quilt that I was working on a week or so ago. It is for the American Legion Riders. A wife of one of the members pieced it. She is a longarm quilter herself, but she only quilts using pantographs, or all over designs. She didn't want this one done with an all over design, so it came to me.

Pre-quilting it measured 91"x104". I didn't measure it post-quilting, but I suspect it now measures about 89"x102". It took me awhile to quilt it. There were some killer seams that kept breaking the needles on the longarm. l went through five needles on this one! I finally learned the trick for my machine to get through those seams. I have to quilt up to the seam, and then use the single stitch button to go though the bulky seam slowly, one stitch at a time.

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