Tuesday, July 10, 2012


A few weeks ago I posted a couple of pictures of sunflowers that I was quilting. I couldn't show the whole quilt because it was the quilt for the out-going president of Thumb Butte Quilters' Guild.

She was presented with the quilt yesterday, so I get to share the whole quilt today.

I like the way that the flowers and the rooster are poofy. It gives them some dimension.

There is a hidden dragonfly in the quilting. The rest of the background is a mix of designs from Dustin Farrell, Claudia Pfeil, Nichole Webb, Carla Barrett, Jamie Wallen, and every other teacher that I've taken classes from.  Carla calls it Artistic Freehand. I like that. It makes it sound so classy. I call it "Quilting for Those With a Short Attention Span."

Though they don't show, the quilt has loads of crystals on the sunflowers. The camera just couldn't capture the bling.

I have been privileged to quilt the quilts for two guild presidents this year. This is the quilt for Mountain Top Quilters'. 

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  1. They're both beautiful quilts, and, of course, wonderfully quilted, but I think the sunflower is my favourite.