Sunday, November 4, 2012


I have a confession to make. I am an Ana White wannabe. She is amazing! I would love to have her skills with power tools and paint. She has a new book The Handbuilt Home. I bought it. I want to make most of the projects in it. However, I don't have the skills or the tools to do them. I realized that the missing tools could easily be fixed with a trip to Home Depot or Lowe's. After painting the closet I began to suspect I was lacking skills.

I decided to repurpose a small, rustic cabinet left at our house by a previous occupant. My Dear Motorcycle Dude put dowels inside for thread. He did a beautiful job, by the way. My job was to paint it. I was using the same paint as the closet for the interior and exterior, except that I was going to use Martha Stewart's recipe for chalkboard paint for the exterior of the doors. After this makeover I realized that I really don't have the finishing skills. If I were in High School I'd be sent to remedial woodshop.

My chalkboard paint is lumpy and gloppy in spots. It's a good thing that it does a good job of doing what it's supposed to do, hold thread. Don't the threads look pretty organized by color? I couldn't decide whether to organize by color or type, but color sure is pretty.

There is one teeny tiny problem, it only holds about half of my thread. Motorcycle Dude thinks he can make me a duplicate of this one for the rest of the thread. I'm hoping I'll do a better job of painting the second one. I really want to be proficient with tools and paint like Ana.


  1. I think you did a fabulous job!! If you need tools come over here we have at least two of everything anyone would possibly need!!! Keep on paintin !!

  2. That cupboard filled with threads looks sooo yummy.

  3. Your cabinet looks beautiful to me. What a clever idea. Motorcycle Dude must be handy. Good luck channeling Ana White.
    She probably wasn't born with skills, either. :-)