Saturday, October 20, 2012


Even before we moved in to our new house I knew that I wanted to remove the closet doors. That closet space was valuable real estate, and I needed free access to it. The doors came out and were taken away by the Disabled American Veterans on their second truck pick-up. Thank goodness for them coming out to pick up large items.

I started planning.
Step 1, remove closet doors. Check
Step 2, remove clothes rod and shelf. Check

Step 3, install shelves
Leo, the Super Handyman came out yesterday and put shelves
in the closet in my sewing room/studio. (Is it presumptuous to call my room a studio?)
Step 3, check.

I know you'll laugh at me. Somehow in my mental plan of getting these shelves the painting of them was a forgotten step. These shelves are just common pine. Not a good idea to store fabric directly on bare wood.

So, this morning I went to the local Sherwin Williams Paint store, and bought primer and a brush. (Have you checked out their Let's Chip It program? Loads of fun) I know we have brushes, but they haven't been unpacked yet. $40.00 and a few hours later I have primed shelves.

I also have a new paint shirt, new paint pants, paint in my hair, paint on my hands, and a few paint footprints. I am not a neat and tidy painter.

I have been trying to decide whether or not to paint the inside of the closet a new color. The old owner left some of the wall paint behind. I could use it. However, I also like the idea of a contrasting color.
I picked up this color card while I was at the paint store. The second one from the top is the color I'm thinking of using. It's called Tidewater. We're a long way from any tidewater here in Arizona, so I hope there's no Paint Police saying I can't use it this far away from the ocean.


  1. That blue is just a gorgeous colour.

  2. You mean in addition to quilt police, there is paint police?