Monday, May 27, 2013


As we've been working around our property we have found some interesting things.

Like grave markers. One of the previous owners was a lapidarist. Since there are parts of two markers we believe that he was making these, and something went wrong. Either he broke them because there was a mistake, or they broke while he was working on them.

We also find these cut and partially polished bits of stone as we work the yard. I think they might be agate, but I'm no expert on stone.

There are lots of plants growing that I can't identify. I am hesitant to weed them out of the yard because they might be wonderful finds. These two have begun to bloom. Aren't they pretty?

An update on Motorcycle Dude. Here is a picture of one of the staging areas for the parade through Washington D.C.. They had the parade Sunday, May 26th.

He's on his way home. There is a swing through North Carolina so that he and his friend can ride The Tail of the Dragon. The website says "318 curves in 11 miles." I'm glad it's him and not me.

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