Friday, June 26, 2009


Yesterday I went to Disneyland with my children and grandchildren. Exhausting and delightful. It is so much fun visiting the Happiest Place on Earth with little people. The girls walked hand-in-hand almost everywhere. They were excited about just about everything.

The boys on the other hand weren't quite as enthusiastic. It seems one can be too young for all that the park has to offer. Dear Grandson 1 was not overjoyed about the rides. Even It's a Small World frightened him. Poor baby we just kept torturing him with rides. I hope we haven't warped him for life.

Dear Granddaughter 1 showed me how she has learned to whistle. I was totally in awe, as this is a talent that I have never acquired.

DGS1 had a lot of fun on the slide in Toon Town. It's just that the slide doesn't really slide very well. The kids have to pull themselves along with their feet, or push themselves with their hands. I do think that
for DGS1 the true allure was the steps going up to the slide. The boy does love to climb.

As we were getting ready to leave I found this mug for my husband. It's perfect for him. Except for the fact that he no longer drinks his coffee from a regular mug. He only uses thermal mugs now. Oh well, I like it. I think it suits him to a T.

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