Thursday, February 24, 2011

Baptist Fan

There are certain quilts that call out for very traditional quilting. This charity quilt was one of those.

I've been wanting to try Baptist Fan quilting with circle templates. I've seen the Baptist Fan done using the design boards. You know those boards that have groves that a stylus follows.
I don't care for the way that the fans looks with the boards. The circles don't match up. See where the arc meets the previous arc?

Well, Off the Edge Quilting Supplies has great directions and a video!  I also happen to have their circle templates. 

So, away I went, and this is the result.
I only used four circles. I could have used six, you need to use an even number of templates to make the design continuous. I love the way it turned out!


  1. That looks great. And I agree, I like the fans to connect, not hang out there in the air.

  2. Your version looks great. It must take ages to do though?

  3. That looks awesome! Perfect for that quilt!!