Saturday, February 26, 2011

Quilting Interupted

I started quilting my top from my class with Bonnie Hunter.  I like the way it's looking, but the progress is slow.  I estimate it will take me at least a week to finish the quilting.

Then I looked at my quilt work log on Machine Quilting Business Manager. Six quilts are due by March 18th. Six! And, only one of the six is an edge-to-edge design. All the rest are various levels of custom quilting. I sought advise from my Motorcycle Dude.  He advised that I not over-extend myself by continuing with my quilt.

So, my quilt is off and the first of the customer quilts is loaded on.

I'm still hoping that I can get my quilt back on and finish it in time to enter into MQS. I should also say that Twinkle Toes (on the left) has named my quilt "Twinkle Stars."

Since my business is named Grammy's Quilting it seemed fitting to have the grands name my quilts.
Works for me. I really struggle to come up with names.

That job has fallen to the girls, so far. The boys are still a little young for the job, but their turn will come.


  1. Great to hear that your business is picking up! The quilting on Twinkle Stars looks awesome so far!

  2. I love the name Twinkle Toes has given it.