Sunday, September 4, 2011


Somewhere in between quilting, hosting and more quilting, I found time to make soap. I've been making soap for 36 years, off and on. I bought my first soap making book when I was a newlywed.

Ann had me rendering beef fat so that I would have real Castillo soap. The meat market thought I was bonkers, but they sold me the fat. The soap was mild, unscented and lovely.

Fast forward about 20 years, and I found this book. Sandy has recipes that use all plant based oils. No messy rendering. Sandy also gives lots of ideas for using essential oils. Easier and they smell wonderful. Could I make just one batch? No. Two? No, I made 6 batches of soap: Comfrey and Aloe, Flower Fern and Oakmoss, Cedarwood and Sage, Lemongrass and Cornmeal, Cassia and Clove, Sweet Basil and Cedarwood.


This is the Comfrey and Aloe, scented with lavender and pettigrain. The Comfrey root turned the soap this deep purple, brown color. It smells heavenly. Just get over the color.

Lest you think that 6 batches is not too bad, each batch makes about 6 pounds of soap. I now have 36 pounds of soap! I tell myself it will make wonderful gifts.


  1. I have only made simple soap but really enjoy it. Your post has gotten my soap making juices flowing. Thanks.

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