Wednesday, March 20, 2013


The chicks are here!

I arrived at the feed store five minutes before they were to open thinking I would be the only one there. This is the third shipment of chicks after all. Wrong. There were already twelve people waiting.

Several of them had boxes for taking their chicks home. I didn't bring one and worried for a few minutes that they might not let me take any home. I was assured that the store had boxes for transporting my new babies home.

They only allowed five people in at a time. I guess they have had problems with near fights ensuing over the chicks. I watched the customers coming out with small boxes of peeping chicks. Then I watched a couple come out with three large boxes of chicks. They probably had 30-40 chicks. Oh no, would there be any left for me?

I was allowed in in the third wave. There were only three Salmon Faverolle chicks left out of the twenty-five that arrived yesterday afternoon. People are passionate about their chickens around this neck of the woods. Whew, there were lots of Ameraucana (the shipment was 100 chicks), and there were still 15 or so Dominique chicks.

I broke my resolve to only get four chicks. I ended up with six.

Two Ameraucanas, who will lay pale green to aqua colored eggs.

Two Salmon Faverolles, who will lay white to cream colored eggs.

Last but not least, two Dominiques, who will lay brown eggs.

They are settling in. I'm trying to be good about not spending all day watching them.


  1. congratulations-what a process to buy some chicks! I hope they all settle down nicely. Now you have to think of names for them! :)

  2. When I was little my aunt and uncle got three big boxes of chicks. I was really excited to let them all out in the parlor. They were so cute and I was in a lot of trouble. But I still remember it was fun.