Saturday, March 9, 2013

The Chicks Are Coming

A few years ago we had a few laying hens. I loved having chickens. I liked watching them scratch around the garden, and I loved the really fresh eggs.

But, we moved, and they didn't move with us. I missed them.

We couldn't have chickens at the rental house. Now however, we can have chickens.

The local feed store gets new chicks in every Tuesday this month. The breeds I'd like to have come in on the 19th. I'm hoping for two Ameracaunas, a Dominique and a Salmon Faverolle. We'll get green, brown, and white eggs. Won't that be a pretty bowl sitting in the fridge?

We have the chicken coop set up. We're working on the covered run. We hope to be all ready by the time they are ready to be out.

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  1. You'll show us a picture of the chicks, right? And the colored eggs, of course. How fun!