Saturday, April 5, 2014

Spring Planting

It happens every spring. I want to get out in the garden and plant.

It also happens every spring that the local varmints are just waiting for my plants to come up.
We have the raised beds covered with greenhouse plastic sheeting. It worked very well at keeping the varmints out of the beds, for a while that is.

This past week they have ravaged the garden. They feasted on sugar snap peas, carrots, radishes, broccoli, and chard.

We have a little bit of lettuce left, one or two salads worth.

We've also been planting trees. Plum and sweet cherry are in the ground. The Montmorency tart cherry is next.

 It's slow going digging in our yard. We have slightly rocky soil. No, I'm no understating things.

This is the pile of rocks from the partially dug cherry tree hole.
We have another foot, or so, to go for the depth.  We use a big, 5' bar thingy that weighs about 20 pounds to break up the granite. It's aptly named a rock bar.

Needless to say, we old timers don't see much progress each day.

The rocks are coming in handy though. We're using them to terrace some of the backyard. Though I'm not sure why I'm bothering to consider planting. The varmints will just eat anything I plant, but still every spring I want to plant.

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  1. I thought you were going to say that you used the rocks to throw at the pests!