Tuesday, April 22, 2014


Yesterday Mr. Tile Guy came to start the demolition of the old pink bathroom. Woo Hoo!

It started out well enough, then he found termite damage. He kept ripping out the old tile, and he kept finding damaged wood. One piece simply turned to dust when he touched it. Yuck!

As if termite damage wasn't enough he found tree roots were invading the bathroom. Looks like the big Ponderosa Pine out front is going to have to go. Before we bought the house the previous owner had spent a bundle to repair plumbing that the tree had damaged. We thought everything was hunky dory. We thought wrong.

Sometime this afternoon Mr. Contractor Guy is coming to assess the damage and tell us how much has to be done before Mr. Tile Guy can come back and finish.

In the meantime we have discovered other interesting feature of the house. The master bath sink and the guest bath sink share a drain. The master bath vanity and sink were removed for the tile work. So, we used the guest bath sink for our before bed routine. We then noticed a very large puddle in the master bath. Every time the guest bath sink is used it drains onto the master bath floor. We now use the kitchen sink for brushing our teeth.

I'm hoping that there isn't too much termite damage.

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  1. Oh noooo, that's not good. Hope it gets sorted out quickly.