Saturday, August 8, 2009


I'm spending the day trying to get organized for the coming week. You know, meals planned and shopped for, laundry done, sewing room organized. I am back to school now, so it is a good idea to strive for organization.

Well, the sewing room really being organized is a bit of a stretch. I would like to be able to walk in and not step on the stash though. I volunteered to learn how to make free-pieced houses, and give my friendship group a mini-lesson on how to make them. I needed to find some scraps to do the prototypes. That led to my attempts to organize the sewing room. I'm too embarrassed to post a before picture.


  1. oh those houses are so cute. I look forward to seeing the prototypes when they're built.

  2. oh yes, and scuse me, but who ever said sewing rooms had to be organised?

  3. Well, it's still not organized but at least I'm not walking on stash fabric when I go in the room.