Friday, August 21, 2009

Birthday Weekend

My daughter and daughter-in-law celebrate their birthdays this weekend. They were born one day apart thirty-one years ago. The cakes aren't fancy. I don't often do fancy, but they are made with love.

Unfortunately, the house was so hot that the frosting started slumping off the lemon cake. I quickly put it in the fridge, but some damage was already done.

On the puppy front, my husband and I had forgotten what it is like to housebreak and train a puppy. We are both exhausted from keeping a vigilant eye on Ginger. I have to be careful with my sewing machine cords. She really, really likes cords, shoe laces and yarn. In the picture what she is really chewing on are the leather laces on top of the slipper.

1 comment:

  1. Those cakes look yummy. Can I come to the party too?

    As for the puppy, she just looks so sweet, but you're right, they are tiring.