Sunday, August 16, 2009

What's on my design wall

I finished making all of the components for the Starstruck top. I still have to sew the rows together though, and I'm not sure what borders I want on it.
I pinned these fabrics up on the design wall to give me a chance to think about it. I usually have a hard time deciding about borders. These will have to sit with me for a day or two before I decide.

If you want to see other design walls, visit Judy Laquidara's blog.

I finished quilting this today. It was the New Year's Eve Mystery Quilt designed by Ann M. Smith. She presented the clues on the Pickle Road Studio Yahoo Group. I admit that I didn't get it done on New Year's Eve. I wanted to, but I was also working on the piecing for Longarm University's New Year's Day mystery quilt. The two mysteries were quite different. With Ann's the mystery was how the quilt would look when it was done. She posted cutting and pre-sewing clues before the big day. (She just had a summer mystery also)

With Longarm U's the mystery was how would it be quilted. Cindy Roth, of Longarm U., designed a simply pieced top that would highlight quilting. The piecing was done on New Year's Eve, and on New Year's Day she posted videos of the quilting lessons. A couple of weeks later I received a DVD of all the lessons. It was a great bargain.

By-the-way, if you like the idea of machine quilting lessons, she has another mystery scheduled for August 29. The one on the 29th focuses on feathers.

Now, cute kids and puppy pictures. Twinkle Toes and her brother came over to meet our new puppy. Ginger was thrilled to have new playmates, and chew toys.


  1. your starstruck top is lovely

  2. I love the Starstruck quilt, especially the combination of reds and neutrals. The colors are very appealing.

    Cute kids and puppy picture! Puppies and kids just belong together.

  3. How weird, I'm sure I posted yesterday to say I liked all the quilts, but specially the starstruck one. Has your friend seen it yet?
    The kids and puppy photos are great too.

  4. Your mystery quilt is simply gorgeous - as is your puppy!! :)

  5. I like your border choices that you, red and gold...perfect!
    Very interesting idea about the quilting mystery...wish I had a longarm.