Monday, August 3, 2009

And So it Begins

This is how my classroom looked last Thursday when I opened the door.

After much sweat, effort, and Tylenol, this is how my classroom looks. Students return tomorrow, and I pretty much feel ready.

I never would have gotten this far without the help of my hubby. He helped me with moving all the big heavy stuff. I just didn't have the ummph to move the big roll around cupboards.

In quilting things, I've been cutting fabric for a Starstruck quilt and fabric for a Pick and Choose quilt. Starstruck is from Bonnie Hunter's Quiltville site.

Pick and Choose is from the June issue of American Patchwork and Quilting.

I've sewn the dark strips to the light strips for Starstruck, and I've sewn some of the darks to lights for Pick and Choose. Unfortunately, neither is far enough along to say that they qualify for Design Wall Monday. Hopefully by next week.

Also, I did get my Arkansas Crossroads top quilted. There are times I need this journal/blog to remind myself that I do get things done.

Well, off I go to finish the quilt on the frame.


  1. Kudos to your hubby for helping and a big thank you to you for being a school teacher. My hat is off to you. May the Lord bless you richly this year.

  2. Your classroom looks great!-love, Jenn

  3. What a great husband to come and help, but doesn't the school have a caretaker who should put things in place for you?

    I love both quilts you've shown, please could I have a close up of the one that isn't the Arkansas Crossroads? (Funny you showed that one at the same time as I was asking on my blog about the pronounciation of the state.