Thursday, November 3, 2011

Decisions, Decisions

I have decided to try to enter quilts into two categories at the Machine Quilter's Showcase. The first category is Overall Design. This category can be any quilt design. The second category is Bread and Butter. This category is restricted to two quilt blocks, Storm at Sea and Snail's Trail. Whew, no difficult decisions there. Storm at Sea is a design I've liked for years. Decision made.

It's the Overall Design category that has me stumped. I have been working on designs for the string quilt blocks that I've been making for a year, or two, or three. String blocks seem appropriate for an overall quilting design.

My friend, Kathleen, had this really great idea for a border for those string blocks. Now, I haven't done it justice in EQ7. Her flowers were much cuter. I just haven't figured out how to use the applique tracing feature of the program. It does sort of give you the idea of the border though.

This is design #2. I'm using the string blocks, but have white on half to create the zigzag and bring the white into the border. This plays on Kathleen's design with the stems creating a zigzag effect.

This is #3. The quilt would be trimmed at the red band to create a zigzag shape.

Which one is your favorite? I could use some help making a decision. Please leave a comment with your choice.


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  2. Oh man what a hard choice they are all really great designs. If this is an over all design your doing I would say #3 the zig zag edge would add wonderful interest to the quilt.
    If you were doing custom, I would have picked #2-those white areas would be a great showcase area.
    But #1 is just such an amazing way to really take string quilts to the next level, maybe two levels....
    I'm betting tho' whatever one you do it will be quilted to perfection. I'm excited to watch the progression (if you are able) or see the final results if you aren't!

  3. I felt that design 2 was the most striking, but if you are doing an all-over type quilting, then design 3 seems the most suitable.
    Design 1 is lovely, but I think you would lose the effect of the flowers and the diagonal movement of the stems when you quilt it.
    Design 2 gives you room for some lovely block quilting in the white spaces, but if I've understood you right, that's now what you're doing here.