Monday, November 7, 2011

Ready for the Longarm

I've finished the top for the new grandbaby. 
It's much cuter now that the applique pieces are on it.
I should be able to get it finished in time for my daughter to open it on Christmas morning. Don't worry about me spoiling her surprise, it's not a surprise. She saw the kit when I bought it, and she knows I've been working on it.
I had to make sure that she liked it.

I made a decision on the string quilt, thanks to all the feedback from friends and readers. I've decided on the applique border, since the Overall category allows for one border to be quilted differently than the main body of the quilt.

I reduced the size to a square quilt. This will reduce the number of applique tulips, and still meet the size requirement. I've also decided that the tulips will be made from string pieced fabric.

I'm getting excited about it now. A little apprehensive as well. Applique is not my forte. After trying a few different techniques, I've pretty much settled on the freezer paper method.
I seem to do a better job when it's prepped ahead of the hand sewing.

Thank you for helping me make a decision. Pop on over to Patchwork Times to see other design walls.


  1. The baby quilt is fantastic-the appliques definitely add to it.
    Good choice for the string quilt!

  2. What an adorable baby quilt! And the string/appliqué quilt will be fabulous. I find prepping the appliqué seems to take longer than the actual hand appliqué -- that can't be true?!

  3. cute cute baby quilt! I found you on Judy's design wall monday post. I'm a longarmer in the Phx area! Nice to meet another AZ stitcher. I had fun wandering around your blog...and I'm suppose to be cleaning the guest room! Mom and Dad are coming today! I will be back...

  4. The baby quilt is great. I love the way the strips make buildings and then adding the cars -- just too cute and clever too.

    What a great design for using string blocks. Nifty.

    Are you on the Nolting chat group? I've got an 18" Nolting and do a little quilting for others... would like to do a bit more but not pushing it much.

    Happy to have found your blog via Judy's Design Wall Monday

  5. Fun things going on in your world. Love the baby quilt and the string quilt quilt will look great with some applique. You've given me some ideas. Thanks

  6. The baby quilt is ADORABLE. Really wonderful! Love your idea on the border for the string quilt. It's going to be great.

  7. yep! The appliques totally make the quilt!! I love it.

  8. Really cute baby quilt, lots to discover and enjoy while gazing at it. Love your design for the next quilt. So pretty.

  9. Love the way the flower stems extend out from the string blocks!I am a big fan of freezer paper applique as well, it takes a while to prep, but once it is ready it always looks great with perfectly turned under edges.

  10. Love the baby quilt, it's so cute!

    Good luck with the string quilt, you've put together a gorgeous design.

  11. What a cute baby quilt! And your applique' looks like it will be just the right addition to your strings. Can't wait to see it finished.

  12. I love how kits but fabrics together. This is really cute! The baby will love it.