Monday, November 14, 2011

Design Wall

Here we are so far. I'm continuing to work on the string blocks for the MQS edge-to-edge category. I have more stitched, but not trimmed.

I have been trying to get the tulip design refined. You can sort of see them at the top of the picture. I think that I need to stretch out the leaves a little bit, longer and thinner.

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I didn't accomplish more as I was winging my way to California.

My dear-daughter-in-law gave my daughter a beautiful, surprise baby sprinkle. My daughter didn't know that I was flying in. DDIL pulled off the surprise.

What is a baby sprinkle?, you ask. Well, a sprinkle is a party for a mommy who doesn't need a full shower.  It's purpose is to acknowledge the special baby that is coming, but it's for the mommy who already has the basic baby necessities.

I don't have a good picture of the surprised guest of honor. The result of forgetting the real camera at the house, and having to use my cell phone camera.

We had a wonderful time. I didn't get the baby quilt finished, but was able to get a sweater and hat set knitted up.


  1. String blocks are something on my future to do list. I love the strong colors you used.

  2. I never heard of a baby sprinkle but love the idea!
    Your string quilt is looking good!

  3. We're doing a small 'sprinkle' for my daughter who's due in January -- and then she's doing a big Sip 'n See after the baby's born! Fun stuff this having grandbabies, isn't it?! Love your string blocks -- fun colors! :)

  4. A baby sprinkle -- what a wonderful idea! I always thought it was a bit unfair to only have a shower for the first baby... :o)

    LOVE your string block project. What a gorgeous quilt that will be!