Wednesday, July 29, 2009


I promised more pictures of Penny's New York Beauty. True confessions? I don't really know the pattern's name. It reminds me of the paper pieced patterns by Judy Niemeyer. I forgot to ask Penny what the name of the pattern was. She did some beautiful piecing. The top was wonderful to quilt.

I also have some pictures of the most recent top I did for Quilts of Valor. I am horribly late in returning it to the local group. I wish I could quilt full time and do more tops for them.

I have one more quilt to deliver this afternoon, but I have not taken any pictures of it. It is a cute baseball themed quilt with fleece backing. It should be a warm and cuddly quilt.


  1. Your quilting is amazing. I love the way you have feathers appearing to circle round the inner part of the blocks on the QOV quilt.
    The NYB is breathtaking. It must have taken a very
    l o n g time to quilt that one?

  2. That New York Beauty is so beautiful and the quilting so exquisite that it makes me want to make one!