Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Into the Woods

It doesn't look like much, does it? I just sent this quilt off this morning. My friend, Pam, is the piecer. She doesn't think much of it either. Her sister selected the central fabric, and didn't want it in a pieced design. Sis just wanted the fabric bordered, and quilted.

From the back you can see the quilting. I had so much fun quilting this oak tree! Well, my quilty version of an oak tree. Don't ask any botonists to critique my interpretation of the mighty oak tree.

I still don't have the photography part of quilting down. I think there is an online course in quilt photography. I must track it down. Right after I get caught up on my quilting.


  1. Love your machine quilted oak tree! Love your new banner, too. Is that part of a customer's quilt?

  2. From what I could see you did a great job of beautifying a humble quilt. Good job.

  3. The quilting is spectacular! The designs are wonderful... to really show off your work, cast the lighting from the side of the quilt, instead of shining straight onto the front.
    Someone is going to be amazed when she sees the back of this quilt. :)