Thursday, July 16, 2009

Before and After

This is the Little Dresses quilt before quilting.

This is the quilt after quilting.

The dresses are a little on the poofy side, but I couldn't decide what to put inside the dresses.

Last night Spicy spent the night, my son and his family joined us for dinner. Little Man was in a good mood. His hair is getting so curly. Twinkle Toes and Spicy enjoyed the mandarin oranges.

This morning Spicy and I have been sewing letters. She was adamant that she could sew. I was skeptical, but she did a very good job controlling the speed of the machine. I helped a little bit with guiding the fabric, but most of it she did. Not bad for a four year old. She has her grandma impressed, but she is just the best four year old.

Twinkle Toes is the best three year old. Bubba is the best one and a half year old, and Little Man is the best ten month old. Isn't it wonderful when they can all be the best!


  1. The quilting turned out very nice, Lynn! Thank you! Your grandchildren are adorable!

  2. Oh man, I may have to bid on this one! Super awesome work, Lynn!!! And Pauline is right, those babies are gorgeous!


  3. I love the puffy effect on the dresses. Hope you got your tension gremlins sorted out easily?

    Those children are all so gorgeous.

  4. Adorable quilt! Those little dresses look like they could be doll dresses appliqued right onto the blocks!

    Those little muchkins are adorable, too. How sweet that Spicy wanted to sew like her grandmother!