Sunday, July 19, 2009

My Weekend

Can I just say I love the maps feature on my iPhone. I can use it to find new quilt shops. Yesterday, hubby and I were driving to Escondido for Spicy's dance recital, and we were going to arrive very early. What could we do to pass the time? I used the map's search feature to find quilt shops in the area, of course! Unfortunately, there was only time to visit one of the shops.

I was lucky enough to find Quilter's Paradise was only about two miles away from where the recital was going to be. It is a lovely shop. Friendly staff, and a great selection of fabrics. I was not good. I bought more fabric. No, I don't really have a plan for them. They're just helping my stash grow. I know I should go on a stash diet, but it's so hard when the fabrics are so beautiful.

We did make it to the recital in plenty of time to see Spicy and her friends dance. These two were so cute. They kept looking at each other throughout the dance. It caused them to be a little out of sync with the other girls, but it was sooo cute.

I was very impressed with the talent of all the young dancers at the recital. There are some very talented young ladies, and one young man, dancing at Studio 31.

After the show Spicy was very upset because she had left her arm ruffles someplace and couldn't find them. Her first case of runny mascara. It had been a long day and it was more than a girl could handle.

I delivered this dragon quilt to its owner today. It is such a cute quilt. It was also lots of fun to quilt. This customer usually just hands me a quilt and says, "Do what ever you want." I just ask if she wants an overall design or custom work.

Here are a couple of pictures of one of the dragons. I'm not sure how well it will show up, but the picture on the left is before quilting and the one on the right is after quilting.

Here is a slightly more detailed shot of one of the dragons.

Enough fun on the computer, back to sewing down the binding on a quilt.


  1. Thanks for the dragon photos. The before and after ones really show how quilting can change things. In the after shot, the dragon really seems to stand out from the background.

    Poor Spicey - did she ever find her ruffles? She's going to hate you for that photo when she's older - all the potential for teasing it offers!

  2. Yummy batik fabrics! It's hard to pass up the good ones -- they're never in stock when I go back later to get them.

    The recital pictures are adorable. She and her friend are too sweet!

    The dragon qilt is beautiful. I especially love the swirly design in the background. That's really cool!