Saturday, July 11, 2009

Good Day

My friendship group came over today. We had a wonderful time, as always. We put the quilt that we made on the frame, and they watched while I started the quilting.

I've put the blocks together for the flying geese table runner. I'm now scratching my head and wondering what to do next? How do pattern designers do it? I feel like I'm putting together a puzzle without knowing what the picture is supposed to be.

That leads me to thinking about purchasing EQ6. I could play with designs and colors without ever having to make blocks or move things around on my design wall. But, to what end? I don't know that I have aspirations to ever make patterns or teach classes of my original designs. I wonder if it's worth the investment to make quilts just for me.
If you use EQ6 would you leave me a comment as to how much you use it and like it? Thanks

I have gotten the blocks made and put together for the Bali Sea Star quilt. I made it smaller than the directions in the book. The book has a pretty piano key border. I'm not going to be doing that I don't really have the time for a pieced border. Shhh. . . I'm making lap quilts for my spinning friends.


  1. I don't have EQ, I use QuiltPro, but I love it. I do design my own patterns, so it is great for that, BUT it is also great for stealing time from me!!

    I love the colours of your Bali Stars quilt too, and will be interested to see how you quilt it.

  2. I think it's fascinating to watch someone work on a longarm machine. Maybe I'm strange (okay, that's already been determined), but I could watch for hours as the designs develop.

    Love the Bali Sea Star quilt. That's a great size for a lap quilt, and your seams match so perfectly!

    I use EQ6 frequently. Even if you don't plan to make patterns with it, I think you might find it useful. I haven't found it to be helpful with illustrating patterns, but it has been invaluable to me in laying out quilt designns. I love the way you can change the settings, rotate designs, re-color blocks, add pieced borders, flip blocks over, etc. I've accidentally created designs I never would have imagined without it. I started with EQ5 which came with a "learn as you go" manual. I also found a more advanced book that covered even more features and capabilities. Since I upgraded to EQ6, I haven't had much time to explore the new features, but I do enjoy this software!

  3. I LOVE EQ6! I can't live without it! I design patterns and it really makes my ideas come to life. I can experiment with different border ideas, colors, etc. It takes time to learn, and there is always more to learn, but well worth it. I am not one of those who loves coloring on graph paper, so this is an enormous time saver.
    Your quilting looks wonderful!